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People are starting to realize the importance of insurance. After the earthquake since July 29th, 2018, which resulted in no small amount of moral or material losses, building insurance began to attract many interested people.

This was stated by Head of Jasaraharja Putera Branch in NTB, Sage Mulya. After the earthquake some time ago, not a few people began to come to his office to participate in home and business insurance programs. Business people who are interested in it the most.

“The animation increased by 30 percent. Especially for guarantees related to the earthquake, “Sage told this media.

Unfortunately, the insurance company has temporarily stopped its earthquake insurance program. While waiting for policies from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The insurance company is focusing on settling incoming claims from earthquake-affected customers some time ago.

Specifically for Jasaraharja Putera, the Chairperson of the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) of NTB Province explained, his party was processing the payment of claims submitted by its customers. Jasaraharja Putera Mataram has the potential to bear quite large claims.

“There is a showroom that claims to enter the building, along with the contents, the loss is up to 6 billion Rupiah. There are also hotels in the dike in North Lombok, each with a billion. Our team is analyzing the amount of loss we must bear, “explained Sage.

To be sure, Sage has not been able to calculate the number of claims to be borne due to the impact of the earthquake.

Then when will earthquake insurance be continued? Estimated at the end of this year. After submission from the central AAUI and the FSA has determined the minimum-maximum rate that can be implemented by insurance companies.

However, insurance companies do not necessarily close themselves to earthquake insurance. To his best partners, Sage said that exceptions could be given.

Jasaraharja Putera is known to have a special insurance program. The name JP-Graha, is fire insurance for property, whether in the form of a house, office, shop, shop or factory that suffered loss or damage due to fire. Assured property in the form of buildings, machinery, stock, furniture, and contents.

Occupations that can be insured include. Residential, office, shop, warehouse, hotel, school, hospital, apartment, factory and others. With a choice of a standard fire insurance policy, a terrorist and sabotage standard insurance policy, an earthquake insurance standard policy, property / industrial all risk.

The policy continued Sage, can be expanded to include guarantees for losses or damage caused by demolition, hurricanes, storms, floods, riots, strikes, work obstruction, evil deeds, terrorism, sabotage, rah-rah, reimbursement of rent, reimbursement of moving costs, TPL for neighbors, accident and earthquake accidents.


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