Booking Hotels Tips
How to book a hotel in Senggigi Lombok

Your hotel choice may be the most important decision when you make planning a trip. Unless you are upgraded, a flight is generally a flight no matter which airline you are on, and the same goes for rental cars. However, a small/ugly/smelly/poorly located hotel room, or a room with no internet, a lousy view and/or a broken TV, can easily ruin a trip.

Here are some tips for choosing the hotel before booking:


Determining the location of the holiday is the most important thing for you to prepare. Lombok has many hotel locations such as Senggigi, Gili Island and Kuta and East Lombok.

The location that you need is the location that suits your needs. Do you want to be near a shopping center, art market, or want to be closer to the beach, close to the Airport, Harbor or close with your next destination?


Accommodation is also an important option before you decide on your itinerary. Because this will adjust to your budget. Lombok has a variety of hotels ranging from 3-star hotels to 5-star diamond hotels. This is certainly according to your needs. If you travel for business, choose the hotel that can make it easier to achieve your business.

If you are a backpacker, choose a cheaper hotel but see the quality of the hotel first. If you travel for a honeymoon, choose a quiet place with a private pool. If you go with family, choose a hotel that has rooms for families.


Many hotels in Lombok have prices that include breakfast. Make sure that you choose this option when booking a hotel.


The internet is very important nowadays. All the information you will get on the internet. Choose a hotel that does provide free internet facilities. However, most of the hotels in Lombok have this facility with no charge or free as the amenities. Except, hotels are located in remote areas. One example is Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp located in East Lombok, Tanjung Ringgit Beach. This hotel does not provide internet facilities for guests due to limited access and the electricity will be available at certain hours.


Review / Guest Review is an assessment for all guests who have stayed. This is a very important thing as well as your consideration in choosing a hotel. You can check all the hotel reviews in Lombok on the page or review pages on all Online Travel Agents. Make sure you see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel before you book.


Contacting the hotels directly is the best way to find accurate information. You can ask for all the information you want to know in more detail. In this way, you can also book a room and ask for a discount. You can contact the hotel via Phone, WhatsApp or E-mail.

By contacting the hotel directly, you do not need to worry anymore that your room is a guarantee or not. Certainly, your room will more be guaranteed because the hotel will inform you of the room availability directly.


Hotel description or hotel policies are things you need to know before booking. Each hotel has a different description and policy. You need to know the check-in and checkout time, children’s policy, things are allowed or not, and payment methods. Generally, the hotel in Lombok has check-in at 14:00 and checkout at 12:00. You can contact the hotel if you want to check-in or late check out. Children’s policy, whether the hotel will accept children or not. For example, hotels in Lombok that do not accept children under 13 years old are Jeeva Santai Villas Senggigi and Puri Mas Boutique Resorts and SPA. What things are allowed or NOT like bringing a pet to the room if you would like to stay with your pet. Then, the payment method via credit card is also the type of credit card used for payment or currency use if you would like to pay by cash. Do not forget to ask the hotel regarding the cancellation policy. Usually, all special prices would require all payments in advance and non-refundable for the cancellation.


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